Monday, February 18, 2013

Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10

     This episode was killer!  Rick has completely stepped off into the deep end (there was a little glimmer of hope there at the end like maybe he was coming back).  I'm not really sure what is going on between Glenn and Maggie except whatever they went through was pretty traumatic.  Poor Glenn is not completely right himself now and he is stuck in the leadership role and trying to hold everything together.  He was right though, they need to stay in the prison.  There is no way with Judith and Herschel they can go traipsing along in the countryside.  I loved when Herschel went to check and Rick and Herschel complained to Rick about Glenn and Rick told him then he should just the the leader.  I'm not really sure why Herschel isn't the leader anyway unless he prefers to be in more the advisor role and less the leadership role.  In my mind he seems more like Rick's second-in-command anyway than Daryl or Glenn.  Though if Daryl were still there then Herschel should defer all the defenses, etc to Daryl.
     What is up with Michonne?  I thought she was gone as soon as she healed.  I hope she sticks around because she is a very interesting character.  I realize she probably changed a lot due to the zombie apocolypse, but I wonder what she was like prior.
     Speaking of sticking around, what happened to the new group?  Are we going to hear anymore from them?  I really wish Rick hadn't run them off.  Though after seeing Rick I'm sure they were glad to go.
     I am so glad that this episode we got to see Daryl finally stand up to Merle.  Daryl away from Merle finally got to become the person he was meant to be.  Rick's group has become his family and he finally realizes that Merle has always been dragging him down.  I loved how when they were walking through the woods they were arguing about which river they were coming up on and Merle was putting down Daryl and then after the bridge scene they show the sign for the river.  Guess what, Daryl was right!  I think Judith finally cemented Daryl's transformation to a great guy and when he heard that baby crying and rushed to save them my heart melted.  Then Merle tried to "get payment" from the group and Daryl pulled his bow on him.
     What is going to happen now that Merle has come back to Rick's group?  Merle is not Daryl and he gets off on being cruel and vicious.  Merle beat Glenn and tried to kill Michonne, except Michonne is supposed to be gone.  I'm not too sure about what is going to happen there.
     What is Andrea going to do?  I think she realizes the Governor is not all he seems.  He is trying to placate her by putting her in temporary command, but she wasn't fooled when he left on his "run."  It looks like next week she is going to try to go to the prison.  I hope she stays with them or convinces them to take over Woodbury knowing Rick would be better for Woodbury than the Governor (well, if he jumps off the crazy train).
     Well, it looks like Rick's group has a lot to decide before the Governor strikes again.  I can't help, but feel sorry for them as they look out at the fields that they so painstakingly cleared.  I don't envy them the work of repairing all that chain-link fencing.  When I was younger I ran my dad's brand-new lawn-mower into the new chain-link fence we had put up ourselves and it is not easy to repair that stuff.  On the plus side, my dad never asked me to mow the yard again.  In my defense I was trying not to run over the dog.

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