Monday, January 28, 2013


     So here we go... my first post.  Deep breath and ...  Hi, my name is ZB and I am a zombiephilic bookaholic.  Okay, so my name isn't ZB, but for the time being I prefer to remain anonymous.  Per the example provided in one of my favorite zombie books, Feed by Mira Grant, I'm going to provide a little info about myself.  Georgia Mason, the main character in the novel, is a newsie or someone who blogs about the news and they prefer to let people know all about their prejudices so you can judge for yourself how biased they may be in their reporting.
     Let's start with I'm a perfectionist introvert who is also subsequently a procrastinator (hence why it took me almost a year to write my first post).  This means I cringe whenever I write anything in case it is not grammatically correct, I am scared of how I will be perceived (especially if that perception is less than perfect), and I am a little bit on the neurotic side.  So if anyone should happen to read this besides me then please don't post negative comments about my comma placement or I may never post again.  As a perfectionist it also means I have to finish everything even if I don't like it.  There aren't many books I haven't finished (maybe one or two and I can't even think of them) and if it is in a series I have to finish the series unless it is really hard to get a copy of the next book or I couldn't stand the first book.
     As I mentioned in the About Me section, I am from the South and love sweet tea, corn bread, and biscuits.  I will literally read anything, especially if there isn't a book lying around.  It used to drive my sister crazy that I always read the cereal box so she would hide it from me.  I also have a brother, an 11 year old son, an adorable niece and an equally adorable nephew plus tons of other family.  I'm a Christian and a conservative.  I think those two facts will probably shed some light on where I am biased when posting my views and opinions.  I went to vet school so I am a huge fan of Herschel in Walking Dead.  I think that's about me in a nut shell.
     As far books go I try to branch out, but my favorite genres are fantasy, historical fiction, and horror.  Right now I seem to have jumped on the urban fantasy and dystopian band wagon.  I try to force myself to intersperse my reading with the classics.  I got hooked on zombie books in vet school.  After a particularly difficult semester I wanted something to read that was pretty light and fluffy as far as content went.  I picked up The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and loved it.  I found it fairly amusing and it's been downhill since then.  It didn't help that in school we had to go through preparedness training and I actually found parts of this book very practical.
     Horror movies have always been a thing for me.  I remember as a kid (younger than 7) watching the Gremlin movies behind the couch so my parents wouldn't know.  A friend and I in elementary school watched all the Jason movies (in retrospect I'm not sure why our parents let this happen as I couldn't watch any other PG-13 or above movies until high school).  As I got older I started getting nightmares when I watched horror movies about people breaking in the house so that was how I transitioned to zombie movies.  I started watching zombie movies way before I started reading the books.  I still like the thrill of watching a scary movie, but I don't like realistic scary movies.  I enjoy monster flicks (especially the really campy SyFy ones) and zombie movies.  Anything with serial killers or something demonic I am out.  If it couldn't possibly happen then I will watch it.
     Zombies satisfy that need I have to be just a little scared.  I enjoy each creator's take on the zombie story and watching where they go with it.  I especially like the zombie stories based on disease.  It allows me to break out the science nerd in myself.  The best zombie stories to me focus on people and their survival.  It's interesting to watch how different people react in disaster situations.  The zombie apocalypse may not be coming, but other disasters happen daily.  I do have to admit that the stories that focus on people that become barbarians really push my buttons.  I guess as a woman it is all to easy to imagine society breaking down to the point where women become nothing more than slaves.  Anything that focuses on just gore doesn't really do it for me either.
     I know this is a super long post and the perfectionist in me wants to go back and edit everything, but if I do that I will never post so here goes.  I am writing this blog as a place to talk about books and zombies.  It may not be all about zombie books since I read a lot of other things.  I want this to be fun for me and not a stress.  If you happen to read please enjoy.  If you comment please keep it nice.  We don't have to agree just be civil.  Also, I cannot stand profanity.  It is one of my pet peeves (along with sticky hands) so please respect that.  Hopefully, I will start posting regularly, but who knows!