Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Review: Married with Zombies

     I chose to start reading Married With Zombies by Jesse Peterson because I was a little tired of such cynical, serious, and/or heavy reading that I wanted a light-hearted break.  This book was supposed to be funny and I guess it was amusing in a way.  It was certainly light-hearted.  Maybe it's just not my kind of humor.  I guess I was a little turned off by all the foul language.  I'm not such a prude that I can't enjoy a book that has foul language in it (the Joe Ledger series does), but not when it is used excessively.  Sarah is the narrator in this book and she can't seem expand her vocabulary beyond four letter words.
     This book starts out with Sarah and Dave headed to marriage counseling so you can already guess that there is a lot of tension in this book on top of the zombies.  After waiting awhile in the waiting room they check on their counselor and she is eating the previous couple.  Dave and Sarah kill her with a stilleto.  At least Dave and Sarah are able to be sensible and come up with a logical plan to avoid getting eaten by zombies.  I have to give it to Ms. Peterson, her characters are the most realistic, everyday Joes I've encountered in a zombie novel.  Most people in zombie novels have a back-ground in the military or police force.  Though Dave and Sarah seem pretty good at shooting zombies in the head and I'm not sure how they gained that experience.  Neither of them own a gun and they both seem to be crack shots and from what I've heard it is pretty difficult to shoot a moving target in the head.  Anyway, luckily they have a neighbor with a gun stash and they quickly pack up and leave town.  Later they raid a gas station and Dave has the presence of mind to steal cigarettes even though neither of them smoke because in the future they are going to be worth their weight in gold.  They encounter a few zombies along the way and a crazy cult at a casino.  Pretty typical zombie stuff and like I mentioned I didn't really find it very funny.
     I'd rate this one a shambler on my zombie scale.  It was okay, but there are a lot better novels out there and if you want a funny zombie book I'd go with The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks.  It's not funny persay until you take into account that the whole book is a joke that is written in a dead serious style.  I am currently listening to the second book because I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, but this one is better.  I can't wait until I find out more about these "bionic zombies."

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