Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walking Dead Midseason Premiere

     So glad the Walking Dead is back on.  It's the only show I watch on a regular basis. Unless it's the news or the Disney channel I don't have much time for anything else (okay I have time I would just rather read).  Walking Dead is full of all the things I love about the zombie genre; zombies, people trying to survive and thrive, and the edge of your seat factor.  I haven't ever read the comics that the show is based on and I keep waffling on whether to read them or not.  I am not a huge fan of graphic novels or comic books.  For me it is too confusing to read all the little conversation bubbles and look at the pictures too.  I'm scared I'm going to miss something or I'm reading the bubbles out of order.
     The third season of Walking Dead is definitely shaping up to be my least favorite season, but it is still the best tv show out there right now.  I am really not liking the Governor.  He is part of what I hate about zombie fiction, a bad guy taking advantage of a bad situation.  He makes me want to punch him in the face or something.  Plus he is weird... who keeps an aquarium wall full of zombie heads?
     Poor Rick's group and Rick has gone off the deep end.  I was beginning to think by the end of this season there was going to be no one left, but they are adding a few here and there (even though the new guy mortality rate is pretty high).  I really hope things work out with the new group.  The couple seems like they have really kept their humanity and are just doing their best to survive.  (Not too sure about the father/son(?) team.)  Though now that Rick has publicly flipped his lid they may decide to mosey on along.
     Daryl and Merle-  I cannot stand Merle, but I love Daryl.  He seems like the only one who can really counter Rick.  Well, Herschel can talk to Rick, but if push came to shove I think Daryl is the only one who could keep Rick under control if he really lost it.  I understand why he left the group, but there was no way they could bring Merle back with them.
     It looks like next week Herschel is going to try to convince them to leave the prison.  Maybe it's a good idea to get away from the Governor, but I think they could stand a chance.  Merle's gone and he seemed like the leader of the Governor's band of ruffians, without him being there it has to throw them off.  The prison seems pretty defensible, unless they have bombs.  I guess they could do a number on the chain-link fencing though and that would decrease the desirability of the prison.  I guess at least both Rick and the Governor have gone a little crazy so that evens out.  Looks like from the previews they have an encounter.  I can't wait for next Sunday!

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